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How To Love Yourself And Be Confident 

Many individuals grew up hearing to do this and that, so the relatives, friends or community wouldn’t make any judgment. With this we develop habits and mindset that are set to please others rather than to love ourselves. 

I have been fortunate to have parents and surroundings around me who always motivated me towards things that I love throughout my childhood. Which led me to singing, dancing, modeling, learning multiple languages and most importantly doing what I love to do always. 

My mindset of not caring what people think and enjoying doing what I feel like has made me successful in different professions as well as has given satisfaction that I can’t explain. Our actions always guide us to our next self, if I had been concerned about what people think of me – I would never have been me.

Today whether I am getting a new tattoo or planning to do something that is totally different from my profession, I have people around who encourage me, not those who give me 100 reasons why not to.

This happened because of my strong belief in self love. The more I do things that I love, the people around me find it as a source of encouragement and motivation for them to take the risk and go on the adventure of self love without any self judgment. I am proud that standing at my core and loving myself and everybit of me has inspired people to do the same.

To achieve total self-love, you’ll need to take action to love yourself for who you are. You can start by recognizing and honoring your unique capacities and talents. And while it may seem like a challenge, don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques for self-love.

Start by loving yourself for who you are – your beauty, authenticity, amazing self! Don’t try to change – instead, appreciate what you have and take care of it properly. 

When we love ourselves more we get the ability to love others also and understand what humanity is. Loving ourselves makes us empath and encourages us to appreciate people for being themselves rather than making judgments. 

If you are a young woman and still aren’t confident in yourself, I advise you to challenge yourself.  Once you overcome this negative self-talk, I guarantee that you will see the world in a different perspective where you project yourself how you want and people will treat you with the highest respect you deserve.  And another thing I would like to share is to never ever expect someone to make you happy. As the women of this generation we are far better and accomplished than mens- we are financially independent and find happiness in everything we do.  Start loving and treat yourself like the one who is going to make a global impact, never victimize yourself- you are a winner!