Nicole Jolie Press

Here are the list of media where Nicole Jolie has been featured on:


LA Weekly Magazine


CTN News

The Newburgh City

Wall Street Founder

Daily Silicon Valley

Blackbird News

New York Daily Mail

London Daily Post

About Insider


Tech Announcer

Nevada Weekly

Refine Post

Think 7 Figures

Time Business News

The Global Celebrity

Washington Magazine

Silicon Valley Times


Los Angelers

Tech Bullion

Disrupt Insider

Moguls of Business

New York Business Now

Hustle Weekly


Vents Magazine

The Source

Kazi Magazine

Trend Music News

All Hip Hop

Cool Running Djs

Team Biggarankin

Hiphop Since1987

The Gryndreport

Its Biz Kit

Disrupt Magazine

Business Sharks Magazine

The US Times

Hustle Weekly

Stars of Entrepreneurship

American Business Stars

The Hype Magazine